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The Bellwether roasting platform was designed to make coffee roasting more accessible, which means a fresher product, positive impact on the entire coffee supply chain, and saving coffee retailers money.

Our customers save more than $10,000 per year on coffee costs.

How?! Traditional roasters require gas lines, ventilation, permits, and lots of space. The Bellwether roaster is completely electric (no gas, no vents, no permits), easier to install than most espresso machines, and about the same size as a standard refrigerator. On a cost-per-pound of coffee basis, our machine is simply the most cost-effective commerical roaster on the market.

$1,000 per month

You can lease a Bellwether roaster for $1,000 per month, which includes a $200 monthly credit to use in our green coffee marketplace for the first year. Service, maintenance, hardware and software updates (including pre-defined roast profiles for every coffee we sell) are inlcuded.

Our roasters are leased under a straightforward contract with an option to purchase at the end of term. If you’re interested in buying the roaster outright, or have questions about pricing, contact us.

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No need for vents, gas lines or afterburners. The Bellwether roaster is the most efficient and cost-effective production assistant. Our monthly flat rate includes all service and maintenance costs.