Our retail partners roast and sell amazing coffee.

Bellwether provides shops with an on-site roaster, software, and data analytics that makes awesome coffee more accessible, efficient, and sustainable.


On-site Roasting

Fresher coffee is better tasting coffee. We built the first commercial iOS integrated, ventless, electric, zero emissions roaster for coffee shops. We provide customized roasting tools for better coffee quality at lower cost.


Software + Analytics

Our cloud-based software is fully integrated with our on-site roaster. This allows our retail partners to buy responsibly curated green coffee, customize roasts, and track and manage inventory while providing actionable data.

Designed by the coffee community

Our roasting experience is built by coffee people for coffee people. Our guiding light is inclusivity. That's why our coffee team collaborated with our extended family—the coffee community—to make sure our roaster, coffee marketplace, and software are exactly what they need to be.

Cafe owners, baristas, roasters, wholesalers, green-buyers, farmers, producers, and importers are our design team. They have told us what they love and what they don't, what they crave and what they could do without. This inclusivity is the foundation on which we built the roasting experience.

Own your own brand. now.

Let us help you make amazing coffee. We are accepting partners who want to fully own their brand. Bellwether provides you with awesome customized private label coffee, from five pounds a week to 5,000; you pick the green, profile, and packaging, we do the rest. Contact us for more info.

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