The Revolutionary Bellwether Roasting System
Grow your business with the
revolutionary Bellwether
Roasting System.

Anyone can roast.

The first zero-emission, electric, integrated and automatic roasting system in the world– plug in and roast from anywhere.

The Bellwether Roaster and Green Coffee Marketplace allow anyone to source, roast, and sell their own coffee right from day one.
"I’m selling 3x more coffee and retail bags than I was before."
“Bellwether made our entry into roasting and sourcing so incredibly easy and enjoyable. I’ve been overly surprised at how easy it’s been. What an incredible impact it’s made on my business and our community."
- Brian Mclaughlin, Seabird Coffee
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Artisan Roasting at Your Fingertips.​
The Bellwether Roaster is controlled by innovative software that puts decades of professional roasting experience directly into your hands.
When used in tandem with our Marketplace, you're ready to roast from day 1. Our coffee experts create custom roast profiles for every coffee in store so you can roast with confidence without the years of training. Simply put your beans in the hopper, select a roast profile, and roast like a pro.
A Better Way to Source Green Coffee.​
An excellent cup of coffee starts with the best quality green coffee available. Our team sources high quality, sustainably grown coffees from around the globe, chosen at the peak of ripeness and purchased using our industry-leading equitable buying practices.

Our green coffee Marketplace takes the guesswork and risk out of coffee sourcing with the convenience of e-commerce and the quality of a boutique importer.
A photo of Gabe Boscana, Bellwether's green coffee buyer, sorting through green coffee samples.
"The Bellwether Roaster is the pillar of our company in many ways."
“Customers want to be close to the craftsmanship and artistry of roasting. And besides, the Bellwether will roast more consistently than any other roaster out there. We have an opportunity to roast coffee in a better way, by putting sustainability in focus and empowering everyone to get their hands involved with roasting.”
- Steve Holt, Unravel Coffee
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Our mission is to positively transform the global coffee industry across the entire coffee supply chain— making coffee roasting more sustainable for the planet, accessible for communities, and equitable for coffee farmers.
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We’re making coffee roasting more accessible, and more sustainable for the environment and our communities. With the most consistent and controllable roaster available, our customers—from large brands to small neighborhood cafes—are in complete control of their coffee offerings using our electric, ventless, zero-emissions coffee roaster and intuitive roasting software.