Working hard, breaking barriers, winning awards, and cultivating change... all while having a blast! Are you ready?

Some Bellwether team members reacting to winning a Best New Product award

We are committed to nurturing a culture of empathy, respect, honesty, reliability, hard work, and friendship. To do that, we’re all committed to the same guiding principles:

Sharing Ideas

We believe that you can improve the coffee industry that sustains so many of us, making it more inviting, more open, and more willing to embrace the ideas that come from farmers, roasters, baristas, and consumers. And that these ideas, when shared among us, make us all more connected, creative, aware, and empowered.

Economic Empowerment & Equity

We believe that you can help promote transparency to allow fair wages and equal compensation for farmers—the caretakers of the very ground that provides the source of our livelihood and our lives. And that this equality will extend from our farmers to the land itself.

Giving Access

We believe that you can democratize education, giving baristas and coffee shop owners greater access to the information they need to learn and grow.

Quality. Always.

We believe that you can find the balance between quality coffee and the cost to obtain it; never compromising or settling for industry standards, but instead, constantly pushing to define higher ones.

A few of many Bellwether Benefits:


A beautiful, brand new, built-to-Bellwether-specs office on 4th Street in Berkeley, CA that includes a showroom, tasting room, office, and lab. We also provide adjustable desks, creative spaces, and unlimited snacks and coffee (you can even roast your own, of course!).

Health Care

70% of premiums paid for employees and dependents (medical, dental, and vision), and long term disability at no additional cost.

Paid Time Off

Competitive vacation and relaxation days for full-time employees, 9 paid holidays, and 4 months of paid family leave for pregnancy and child bonding.

Employee Events

Having fun is part of the job. We schedule regular events to connect with each other and enjoy each other’s company.

Growth & Opportunity

Our first choice is to promote from within. We will do everything we can to give you the tools and resources you need to be the best version of yourself and reach your full potential at Bellwether.

More benefits coming soon!