Sustainable Coffee With Bellwether

We’re on a mission to transform the coffee industry, making it more accessible and sustainable for our planet and communities across the entire coffee supply chain.

Positive Impact on the Planet

The coffee roaster that turns environmental impact on its head.

We designed the Bellwether Roaster to be the most sustainable coffee roaster in the world, both in air quality and energy use, to enable businesses that roast coffee to minimize their environmental impact.

Traditional gas-powered coffee roasters send smoke, particulates, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs)—similar to those found in aerosol sprays—into the air with every roast cycle. With the United States alone producing over 8 billion pounds of roasted coffee every year, the harmful impact of these emissions is not sustainable for our planet or healthy for the people who live on it.

Uncompromising quality and craft with a lower carbon footprint.

Bellwether’s first-of-its-kind recirculating roasting technology eliminates particulates and VOCs in real-time, during coffee roasting, without requiring additional ventilation systems or afterburners. The air that exits the Bellwether Roaster is cleaner than the air going in, reducing the carbon footprint of each roasting cycle by an average of 90%.

We’ve also cracked the code for achieving unrivaled precision and consistency in a commercial roaster using electricity—not natural gas—as the power source. With a significantly lower carbon footprint across the globe, electricity minimizes the roaster’s energy requirements while leaving the roasting process and technique fundamentally unchanged and uncompromised.

The world is turning towards renewable energy.
Electric-powered coffee roasting is the future.

In some regions, including California and Washington state, local power grids are already approaching 100% renewable energy at some points during the day. This makes the Bellwether Roaster the first commercial coffee roaster in the world capable of running completely on renewable energy.

What does sustainability mean for coffee?

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world; yet, over 80% of the 12.5 million farming families who produce coffee live below the poverty line. Coffee farmers face a myriad of challenges including low prices, climate change, and crop disease and pests. These challenges have a direct impact on the well-being of farmers and their families and their access to education, housing, food, healthcare, and other basic necessities.

Addressing the challenges that they face is vital to the sustainability of the coffee industry. Research indicates that the higher the income and quality of life for farmers, the better and more sustainable the final cup of coffee is. Sustainability for coffee starts at the very beginning of the supply chain—with the coffee farmers.

Positive Impact at the Coffee Farm Level

Bellwether’s green coffee buying principles ensure that we establish and maintain relationships with coffee growers and cooperatives who align with our values. Our sustainable coffee buying principles are focused on quality, traceability, and sustainability.

Quality + Traceability

We travel to origin and work with incredible importers to understand every coffee’s story with the goal of humanizing the farmer behind each cup. We go through hundreds of samples a year to ensure every Bellwether customer receives the best coffee offerings available.

We find the balance between quality coffee and the cost to obtain it, never compromising or settling for industry standards and instead, constantly pushing to define higher ones.

We strive to ensure that farmers are getting paid fairly by creating maximum financial traceability along the supply chain.

Source your Green Coffee


Economic empowerment
We strive to pay farmers fair prices based on what it costs them to produce coffee, rather than what the market prices tell us we should pay.

Environmental sustainability
We partner with importers, farmers, and cooperatives who are investing at the farm level to address environmental issues related to climate change, habitat preservation, and reducing pollution

Gender equality
We align with growers who are committed to empowering people of all genders.

Tip the Farmer™

We launched Tip the Farmer™ to enable coffee drinkers to have a more direct relationship with and impact on coffee farmers, and give coffee farmers agency to choose how to invest extra money where needed.

Here’s how it works:

1. Your cafe enrolls in Tip the Farmer™ and receives a toolkit to market your participation in the program.

2. You add a 5¢ surcharge to every cup of coffee.

3. We bill you at the end of the month and distribute 100% of the money to farmers. 

4. Farmers choose how they want to invest the money into their farms and communities

5. We share stories on who the money was distributed to, how it was used, and the impact it created.


Join us in supporting the coffee farmers who produce the coffee we love.