We're making the ideal the reality.

We love coffee.

We love everything about it. The story of coffee is the story of hundreds of hands: those of the farmer who grow and meticulously harvest coffee cherries on their farms; those of the roaster who roast coffee to ensure the bean’s full potential is realized; those of the barista or cafe owner who wish to share their passion with others and create spaces for community and shared experiences; those of the consumer who rely on coffee every day as a source of comfort and craft. We want to honor the incredible work of all those who contribute to coffee, and we constantly think of how we can better serve our coffee community. 

Simply put, we make things that make coffee better. For everyone.

The Bellwether Way

We're achieving our vision by creating products that improve on critical problems and missing links in the supply chain. The first problem we tackled was helping café owners build their own brands and take full ownership over their coffees. Our first project was creating an integrated coffee roaster and roasting platform that’s easy-to-use and brings together all of the elements needed for café owners to produce quality coffee uniquely suited to their brand values.

We want what we do to enhance the success of all members of the coffee community. Café owners work directly with farmers. Roasters share their art with the world in a whole new way. Baristas engage in roasting, and share their knowledge with customers. Coffee drinkers have a more connected experience with what they’re drinking. Instead of preserving some antiquated idea of mystery that surrounds coffee, we want to share everything we can about it. Through transparency, we believe we can help connect the dots of the coffee supply chain and lead innovation that will improve the lives of all members of the coffee community.

Our Team

We’re a team of coffee eccentrics, scientists, engineers and designers who make things that make coffee better.



Following a startup career in technology and wine, Ricardo made it his mission to democratize the artisan-led world of coffee roasting. Bellwether is the result of that idea, and he's brought together the best people to help make the coffee industry more inclusive. When he's not in meetings he's helping the team do what needs to get done, no matter the job—even if it means grinding an absurd amount of coffee for one of our clients. As Ricardo says, "rock-n-roll."



Arno loves our roaster the most—he certainly spends the most time with it. He oversees operations for Bellwether and works directly with our hardware team to make sure our roaster is something the coffee community will love. Arno speaks both engineering and coffee languages, which is an invaluable asset to the Bellwether team.

Arno's Coffee Cred: Blue Bottle Coffee's VP of Coffee Production, employee #5, head of all roasting facilities in California, New York, and Tokyo, and manager of the entire coffee supply chain. Director of Production at Artis Coffee, and advisor to many other awesome coffee companies.



John owns the complete product life-cycle, from White Papers and Market Strategy through R&D, Procurement, Manufacturing, Testing and Quality. In addition to his long list of successful entrepreneurial initiatives under his belt, including starting a new design center in Colorado, he's the main dood between everything engineering and the rest of us. When we don't understand what he's talking about, he does a damn good job of teaching and explaining things to us.


Head of Design + Experience

Kimberly is responsible for taking the crazy ideas we have and somehow transforming them into something that's tangible, beautiful, and most importantly easy to use. She makes sure the entire Bellwether experience exceeds expectations, from creating our roasting software platform to taking care of our partners. Helping others realize and achieve their dreams is what makes her happiest, which aligns perfectly with Bellwether's vision, mission and impactful future. If she's not designing or testing or building or managing something, you can catch her helping Greg with production or doing any one of the thousand other things our team needs.


Head of Coffee Strategy + Business Development

With a background of working in all aspects of the coffee world since, well forever, Dani currently serves on the board for the Roasters Guild of America and is the Good Food Awards Chair for Coffee. DG's friendly face is the first you'll see when you connect with Bellwether, and Dani will guide you through every step of the journey of fully owning your own brand. If you have a question, Dani's got you. If you have a crazy coffee idea, Dani's the person that'll make it happen (the crazier the better). 

Dani's Coffee Cred: Industry leader in all facets of the coffee supply chain since 1993, with 20+ years of roasting experience and 10+ years of teaching people styles of roasting that suit brand values. Held Operations Management titles at Java City (17 years), Sweet Maria's, Highwire, CoRo, and currently Co-founder of the Matchbook Coffee Project.


Head of Green Sourcing Strategy

Gabe sources all of the amazing coffees in our lineup. He works with importers and producers who know what it means to produce quality coffee and are interested in working on the feedback loop from soil to sip. Gabe values straightforwardness and calls to action, and is determined to bring together all of the moving parts of the extensive coffee supply chain. He's the owner of Maquina Coffee Roasters, a nano roastery out of the Philadelphia area, and spends his "spare" time with his wife and daughter (who are also awesome coffee pros) cupping coffee and working on his vintage Probat.

Gabe's Coffee Cred: 16yr. industry veteran sourcing coffee at origin, quality control, roaster training at origin, and 10+ years roasting coffee. Quality Control Manager at Gimme! Coffee, first employee at Ritual Coffee Roasters, Head Roaster at Ecco Caffe, National Roasting Manager at Intelligentsia, and Director of Green Coffee at Sightglass. 


Head Roaster

Greg has spent nearly his entire adult life working in the coffee industry in one facet or another. After years spent working as a barista, trainer and operations guru, he moved into roasting and hasn’t looked back since. Being the head roaster at Bellwether doesn’t just mean he roasts delicious coffee - it means he works closely with our partners to develop the perfect roast profiles that best represent their brand values, empowering our partners to have full ownership of how they present their experience to the world. When he’s not making magic happen at Bellwether, Greg’s spending time with his adorable daughter and his lovely wife at their home here in Berkeley. He also enjoys the finer things in life such as Old School Death Metal, hoppy beers and short fiction.

Greg’s Coffee Cred: 14 years of coffee industry experience from barista to operations and roasting at Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Modern Coffee, Coffee Cultures and Allegro Coffee Roasters.


Head of Impact Strategy

Decker is one of the nicest and tallest people we know. His passion lies at the intersection of business, society, nature... And coffee! He believes coffee's future can be aligned with impact and solvency across the triple bottom line. TBL principles comprise his true north and the lens through which he views business and investing. Bellwether's inclusive, transparent, democratizing, and innovative entry into the coffee industry represents just a stepping stone in the team's impact vision.

Decker proudly also serves on the Board of Directors at the Calvert Foundation, the leadership team of the first certified B-Corp music festival, Treefort, and two innovative and impactful local non-profits. He has worked in venture finance, business development, corporate finance, and consulting at early-stage companies in NY, SF, and the intermountain west. Oh, and he's a hugger.


Roast Advisor

After years of quietly making coffee go from green to brown, roasting for many different coffee companies, Izzy is completely dedicated to finding the optimal roast profile for every bean. He's also dedicated to making sure the Bellwether roast experience is something the coffee community will be proud of. 

Izzy's Coffee Cred: 8 years of roasting experience and production management in specialty coffee. Production and roasting management quality control specialist for Peaberry's Coffee and Tea, Highwire, green coffee buyer for Roast Co., and currently Co-founder of the Matchbook Coffee Project.


Industrial Design

Adam makes our roaster look sexy. He's the visionary behind the roaster's design and the colors, materials and finishes we're constantly experimenting with. Adam worked at IDEO on projects for the U.S. DOE, Nike, Samsung, LG, HP, and North Face. He founded New Factory, a design studio that bridges innovation and craft, and has published works in Fast Company, BBC, Wired, Cell Magazine, and the New York Times. Adam has received design awards from IDEA, ID Magazine, Red Dot, and iF.

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