How Bellwether Compares

Traditional gas roasters carry high start-up costs, plus keep costing you year-over-year in labor, utilities, and rent. Over time, that can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

At Bellwether, we combined the world’s only zero-emission coffee roaster and patented internal afterburner with award-winning technology, laborless roasting, and a world-class Green Coffee Marketplace.

The most simple and affordable roasting solution on the market. Period.

Startup Equipment

No gas lines, no venting, no permitting, ever

EquipmentBellwetherTraditional Roasters
VentilationNot required$$
Gas LinesNot required$$
PermittingNot required$
AfterburnerNot required$$$
Roasting real estateNot required$$$
Packaging equipmentIncluded$

Until now, starting a roasting business has meant thousands of dollars in construction costs for ventilation, gas lines, an afterburner, added fire suppression, code compliance and permitting, on top of the cost of your roaster. Bellwether is ventless, smokeless, electric, and lives on wheels. No construction, no permitting, just plug it in and start roasting

Roasting Expertise

Add revenue, not labor

ExpertiseBellwetherTraditional Roasters
Trained roastersNot required$$
Roasting support staffNot required$$
Warehouse staffNot required$$

Don’t trade your coffee savings for labor expenses. Traditional roasting requires constant monitoring and engagement. Automated roasting means your staff can roast as side work while helping guests or doing other tasks. A roast takes just 30 seconds to prepare, hit start and walk away. While the roaster works, you can too, giving you valuable time back that other roasters can’t. 

Green coffee Expertise

Risk free coffee buying

Green Coffee ExpertiseBellwetherTraditional Roasters
Coffee buyerIncluded$$
Cupping + QCIncluded$$
Transparency reportingIncluded$$
Coffee marketingIncluded$$

The Bellwether Green Coffee Marketplace gives you 24/7 access to expertly sourced coffee at the click of a button. We’ll send you roasted samples, match your coffee preferences, and provide custom profiles for every coffee we sell. No contracts, no sample roasting, no guesswork, and same-day shipping giving you all the power of an in-house green buyer, right at your fingertips. 

All our coffees come with downloadable marketing materials, farm level information, and sustainability data to track your impact.


Focus on what matters

SoftwareBellwetherTraditional Roasters
Roast building + trackingIncluded$$
Inventory managementIncluded$

While we’ve taken the drudgery out of roasting, we left the craft, creativity and fun intact. Use our Profile Builder to make your own roast curves down to every last detail. All the customization of a conventional roaster, with more consistency, repeatability, and control than any commercial roaster available. 

Track your green and roasted inventory right in your app so you know exactly what you have on hand at any time, all in one location.


We’re here for you, always

MaintenanceBellwetherTraditional Roasters
Regular “down” days for cleaningNot required$$
Preventive maintenanceIncluded $
Emergency coffeeIncludedN/A

Your business is our business. Our Bellwether Support Team and Service Technicians are always on call no matter what. Our unparalleled warranty covers all parts, all service and all labor, all handled by Bellwether. You’ll never have to schedule a ‘cleaning day’ like you do with traditional roasters, or worry about sourcing used parts from a nearby dealer. If your roaster ever goes down and we can’t fix it quickly enough, we’ll mail you roasted coffee so you’re never out of operation. For free.

*Cost comparisons based on gas-powered, 15kilo conventional drum roasters from multiple brands