Bellwether for Grocery

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In-store, on-demand coffee roasting

The solution for private label and high-margin retail

The Bellwether Roaster is a self-contained coffee roasting machine that is entirely electric, ventless, smokeless and automated. At the size of a standard refrigerator and housed on wheels, the Bellwether Roaster can live anywhere on-site and requires no construction, ventilation, gas lines, or permitting to operate.

Roast up to 200lbs a day to sell on store shelves, in bulk bins, and in your onsite cafes without adding extra labor costs thanks to automation. Place a roaster in each store and create identical products from anywhere.

Reasons Grocers Roast on a Bellwether

Innovate your coffee category

The Bellwether allows for emission free coffee roasting on demand.

Offer a menu of farm friendly green coffees to consumers and roast in store while consumers shop. Encourage impulse buys and add diversity to your in-store cafe menus that isn’t possible with regular retail.

Create the Coffee Experience

Customers are seeking a deeper connection with the products they buy.

Bellwether creates an in-store coffee experience for customers and employees. Encourage customer trust and loyalty to your coffee brand.

Offer customers the ability to cup coffee fresh from roast, learn the science of coffee tasting, and deepen their connection to your store. 

Own your private label

For lower cost and increased profit, Bellwether puts the power of private label right in your store, creating the ultimate margin flexibility for retailers.

You choose the green coffee; you choose the price to consumer; you choose the branding…You are in control.

Market your Impact

Customers see through marketing and inflated promises. Roasting onsite allows them to experience sustainability directly.

Don't just talk about impact, make it part of your shopping experience.

Engage your Employees

Any employee can be a coffee roaster.
As stores add wine stewards, craft beer experts and bakers, similarly, staff can become expert coffee roasters, taking charge of your private label coffee category and providing enhanced benefits to customers. 

Stand out in a crowded field

Customers seek new products daily.
The Bellwether allows any retailer to create new brands, create coffee product launches and bring in new coffee beans (new countries of origin) on demand!

Frequent Asked Questions

Roasting coffee on a Bellwether takes less time, labor, and equipment than making many prepared deli foods, and can be done simultaneously while staff complete other tasks. A roast takes just 30 seconds to initiate, walk away until you’re ready to package. No added labor required. 

No. The Bellwether Roaster requires no permitting, no gas lines, no venting, no construction of any kind. It plugs into any 220/208v outlet and operates smokelessley in any room.

Check out our process page to learn the steps for reserving and installing a roaster

We have financing options for lease, rental, and purchase. See our pricing page for more information.

We designed the roaster with maintenance in mind. The daily upkeep is minimal and can be done during the course of roasting. We'll schedule your preventive maintenance for you, and for more involved maintenance, we have a first-class network of Bellwether Technicians located across the US to service your machine.

The Bellwether requires a standard 220V or 208V outlet attached to a 50A circuit. No ventilation, gas lines, fans or accessory equipment are required. The Bellwether is internet-connected and will require WiFi. Our Technical Services team will consult with you prior to install to make sure you're all set to roast.

The Bellwether can roast and cool 5lbs of coffee in 15 minutes, giving most users 2-3 roasts per hour. It can be operated continuously without required down time so daily capacity will depend on how many hours of operation your store allows for.

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