The Bellwether Marketplace

Bellwether’s Green Coffee Marketplace supplies expertly-sourced specialty coffees from around the globe for use with your Bellwether Roaster. You’ll find coffees that meet all your needs for taste, quality, budget and social impact, all in one place.

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High quality sustainably sourced green coffee from around the world


Browse and buy coffees from our curated menu, shipped right to your door

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Ready to roast on the Bellwether Roaster with the touch of a button. No experience required

A roaster is only as good as the coffee that goes into it. We didn’t design the most consistent, controllable coffee roaster on the market to leave your most important ingredient up to chance.

As part of the Bellwether system, we source the highest quality, most equitable coffee you can purchase, tailored to the exact strengths and specifications of the Bellwether roaster, and curated exclusively for Bellwether customers.

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Every coffee sold in-store comes with a pack of custom roast profiles developed by our team of experts and made available in multiple roast levels (light, medium, dark and espresso) so you can roast confidently, right out of the box, even if you’ve never roasted before.

Read on to see how our green coffee products work in concert with the Bellwether Roaster to deliver superior, sustainable coffee with the greatest impact possible, at the best value to your business.

“I don’t really have to worry about sourcing, which would  have been the big issue for me because I’d have to talk to alot of different brokers, get the pricing, make sure they’re here on time, but Bellwether solved it all.”

– Tae Kim, Kona Coffee

“We really want family farmers, not the big corporate conglomerate. Just knowing that the little family that grew the beans survived is really important. Buying the product improves their lives.”

– Mike Vucurevitch, Founding Farmers

The best coffee for your business

The Coffee

Bellwether’s Green Coffee Marketplace features a curated list of expertly-sourced specialty coffees from around the globe that meet your needs for taste, quality, budget and social impact.

How we source


We taste hundreds of coffees a year to bring you the very best, season after season.


Coffees that meet our standards for taste and quality are then evaluated using a scorecard for alignment with our purchasing values including sustainability, farmer pay standards, gender equity, ethical labor standards, and more.


Only coffees that meet our rigorous buying standards make the cut and go on to find a home on our menu.


We build ongoing relationships with producers to continue supporting them year over year. These relationships produce higher quality coffee, provide better outcomes for farmers, and benefit Bellwether customers alike.

Build your dream coffee menu

The Store

Buying coffee should be as easy as ordering to-go cups. We built a web store that replaces old-school manual ordering with the high-speed functionality of e-commerce. Order what you need, in any quantity, from any device, shipped right to your door with no extra steps

browse coffee

Browse and order coffees from one intuitive menu, using any web browser.

See detailed farm information, photos, sustainability report, flavor notes and roasting suggestions for each product.

find out about the coffee
click and ship ordering in the app

Enjoy the convenience of click and ship ordering on both boxes and bags – no need to broker your own freight for pallets of coffee or manage complicated shipping logistics. Just add to cart, checkout, and we’ll do the rest.

Securely save payment information in your account and enable permissions for additional managers to purchase coffee when you can’t.

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roasting profile in the app

Once your coffee ships, you’ll find custom profiles automatically downloaded to your roaster so you’re ready to roast as soon as it arrives.

Ready to roast on day-one

The Technology

Every coffee in our store comes with a pack of profiles for light, medium, dark, and espresso, and can be customized for every need. Once your profiles are set, anyone on staff can roast any coffee, no experience required. Our automated roasting platform saves labor and keeps your coffee consistent and controllable no matter who’s roasting.

See the technology in action

Meet your new business partners

The Team

Our green coffee team has decades of experience from every corner of the industry, at businesses such as Blue Bottle, Ritual Coffee, and Peets. Bellwether coffees come with industry-leading quality and transparency commitments, on-call roasting expertise, QA support, sustainability research and marketing collateral — everything required for a world-class company, from people who know

The experts in your corner

Arno Holschuh Chief Coffee Officer | Greg Dawson Director of Coffee Gabe Boscana Green Coffee Buyer | Grayson Caldwell Senior Sustainability Director

Our Values

Sustainability in every cup

We’re the only roaster in the world that helps you save carbon instead of spending it. With the Bellwether roaster and green coffee Marketplace, you can watch how every pound roasted saves greenhouse gas emissions over coffee roasted on a conventional roaster, giving you an instant impact you can measure.

Investing in farmers for a better future

Our groundbreaking Verified Living Income Initiative offers a new way to buy coffee that uses data to prove farmers are making a living income from every purchase. Learn more

Tip The Farmer

Take your impact further by enrolling in our Tip the Farmer program which allows you and your customers to invest in projects at individual farms and cooperatives, putting money directly back into the hands of coffee growers where it’s needed most. In 2020 Bellwether customers contributed $3,000 for farmers in Colombia to secure necessary medical supplies to prevent the spread of Covid in their community.
Learn more
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“Being a Participant in Tip the Farmer was a huge selling point when I was speaking with the Hilton about them serving my coffee at their new hotel here. They were so excited to hear that they could align with a company that really had sustainability at their core.”

– Candace, The Foundry

We're here to help you thrive

We built our roaster, our Green Coffee Marketplace, and our automated roasting platform all with the same goal in mind – to help people build their dream coffee businesses while doing right by farmers and the planet.

We bring our values to every partnership we make with both farmers and customers. When you join Bellwether, you’re becoming part of a community built around the idea that we can make better coffee and make coffee better at the same time.

Join the roasting revolution and see what Bellwether can do for your business today.