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Episode 2: The Future of Coffee Technology

At its core, innovation provides benefits for all. Yet, the specialty coffee community has been hesitant to adopt new technology. In this podcast episode, we explore the role of technology in coffee, why coffee professionals tend to be fearful about change, and what possibilities lie ahead if we have the courage to take the leap. […]

Bellwether Podcast Episode 1: The Future of Flavor

One of the most frustrating experiences a customer can have is being recommended a coffee or drink by a barista that doesn’t match their taste preferences. In this podcast episode, we explore why the specialty coffee community’s ideal flavor profiles do not match with those of our customers—and what we can do about it. Meet […]

The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Coffee Ecommerce Store

During the pandemic, global retail e-commerce traffic skyrocketed a mind-blowing 22 billion monthly visits, as consumers shopped online for everyday household items like coffee. While ecommerce coffee businesses were hot before—thanks to popular subscription boxes like Trade and Mistobox—COVID-19 solidified this revenue stream as a necessity for all of us involved in the coffee industry. […]